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What Makes A Good Video Downloader

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What Makes A Good Video Downloader

Video downloading is a frequent task for any PC user. The reasons may be different: to back up a favorite clip, upload online videos for watching on devices, etc. If you search for “video downloader” in a search engine, you’ll surely get thousands of results. And the truth is that the first 20-30 results most likely bring you the tool that sooner or later will do the video download job. Isn’t it the most important?

On the one hand, yes, because the needed video is downloaded and the problem is solved. On the other hand, there’s a great deal of other factors which surely matter and which distinguish a really good video downloader.

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We have figured out 7 key factors:

  1. pricing
  2. setup
  3. easy-to-use interface
  4. number of supported sites
  5. download speed
  6. variety of output options
  7. support and troubleshooting.

The most popular video downloaders were compared on the basis of these criteria:

  1. Free YTD Downloader (youtubedownloader.com)
  2. YouTube Downloader (Freemake)
  3. Keepvid.com
  4. aTube Catcher (atube.me)
  5. SaveFrom (savefrom.net).

View the comparison results and the winner below.


All the five tools on the list are free and ad-supported. Free YouTube Downloader, Freemake Video Downloader, SaveFrom Download Helper, and aTubeCatcher contain advertising offers within the installation and KeepVid shows ads on the site.

youtube downloader adsAnother example:

video downloader ads

The reasons behind advertising are clear: software developers need funds to maintain and update any, even the most unsophisticated software. If you don’t want to support the project, you may easily opt out. Just click “I do not accept” or uncheck all the advertising offers.


Freemake Video Downloader, Free YTD Downloader, and aTubeCatcher are desktop software for Windows OS. KeepVid is an online tool, it means that you can use it without installing anything to your PC. However, it most video download cases it requires a special extension and userscript, see here:


SaveFrom also recommends to install Download Helper extension. So in all 5 instances we have to pass through some kind of installation process, either to computer hard drive or to the browser. Here all the observed tools are in the same position.


It’s hard to judge, still we think that images will say more than words. Lets’ have a look at the 5 interfaces.


Free YTD Downloader


Freemake Video Downloader

KeepVid interface


aTubeCatcher interface


savefrom interface


For most users it’s a pleasure to see the minimalist approach to the interface development, since no one has time and desire to puzzle out pseudo-important buttons, menus, links, or icons. Here Freemake Video Downloader, Free YTD Downloader, and SaveFrom interfaces seem to be the clearest, logic, and self-explanatory. As for visual appeal (I think you’ll agree with me ;)), Freemake Video Downloader has no matches on the above list.

Supported video sites

YouTube is the most popular video download destination, covering 99% of online video demands. However, it’s always a pleasure to know that software developers care about other sites and do this all the time. E.g., I love downloading Dailymotion videos and sometimes it’s a real trouble to find a good video downloader supporting this website. See the supported video portals details in the table below:

supported websites

Freemake Video Downloader seems to be the leader for the number of supported sites. Next come KeepVid and SaveFrom.

Download speed

In order not to sound proofless, I chose three different videos and measured the time needed to download them as-is.

Video downloader speed

As the results show, almost all tools are pretty fast to download short videos (1-3 minutes). Still you want to rip long movies, online shows, or full episodes, you’d better choose Freemake Video Downloader, as it proves to be the speediest video downloader. Next come aTube Catcher and SaveFrom tools.

Output options

Sometimes it’s necessary to get an online video in a specific format or resolution, e.g. to make it playable on a mobile phone, DVD player or music gadget. So we can’t do without re-encoding. Let’s explore what output video and audio formats and devices are offered by the downloaders under analysis.

video download output

As you can see, the majority of the video downloaders here support all possible online video qualities: from 4K to 144p. Almost all tools do both video download and conversion, still Freemake Video Downloader, and aTubeCatcher provide more output options.

Support and troubleshooting

YouTube and other sites often change their video hosting algorithms in order to prevent video downloading. So from time to time almost all video downloaders stop working. In such cases, it may take up to several weeks for developers to notice and fix the problem.
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Have a look at what technical support options the developers of popular video downloaders provide:

video downloader support

Freemake Video Downloader developers seem to be here the most responsible. They claim that any video download issues are fixed within 24 hours. They collect user tickets on their support portal and Facebook fan page. Technical support is totally free. Plus, on Freemake website there’s a large section of how-to’s and FAQ.

Bottom line

Each program has its strong side: KeepVid and SaveFrom let download videos without installing anything to a PC, aTubeCatcher offers dozens of output video options. Still the comparison results show that Freemake Video Downloader is the undisputed leader which has a set of necessary download options, intuitive interface, and rips video faster than all other tools.