Add subtitles to video free

Add subtitles to online and offline videos with free Freemake Video Converter. Watch movies with subtitles and listen to your favorite actor’s original voices. Embed ready text to your films in English or any other language. Save films with subtitles for watching them on portable devices, home theater big screen, or computer. Easy and fast.
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Follow the guide below to add subtitles to video:

1. Download and install free software
2. Add movies that you want to merge with subtitles
3. Add subtitles files to films
4. Choose the settings
5. Embed subtitles to video
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Download and install
Freemake subtitle adder

Download free software and run the file on your desktop computer or laptop. Freemake freeware doesn’t have any ads or third-party offer so you can safely install it on your system. Accept Freemake EULA and click the “Next” button all the time till the installation process finishes.

In case you are a proficient user, you can choose another location for the software and select a custom installation to add the tool to a context menu or make it a default utility for your media data.

Add movies that you want to merge with subtitles

Launch the program and click the “+Video” button at the top of the interface to add your movies. The software accepts over 500 formats. Just keep in mind that your file should not be protected.

You can add several films at once. For example, TV series. But you will need to manually insert the subtitles into each movie.

Add subtitles files to films

Please note that Freemake subtitles freeware doesn’t contain the subs files. It’s up to you to find them online or to create a corresponding text file with a special subtitles maker. The supported formats are SRT, ASS, SSA. If your film is in the foreign language, you can integrate a written translation into it to enjoy the movie with the original sound.

As soon as you got a subs file, return to Freemake tool. Pay attention to the signs next to your movie thumbnail. Find the “No subtitles” button that goes right after the audio settings. Click on it and select the “Add subtitles” option.

Then choose the file that you want to put into your film. Click on the scissors button to run Freemake editor. Preview the video with the embedded subtitles. Please note that the result will be with hardsubs. It means the text will be permanently presented so you won’t be able to switch the subs on/off.

Choose the settings

Click “OK” to close the editor. Now choose an output format for your film. It can be MP4, a universal extension for portable gadgets, AVI – for old TVs sets and home media systems, 3GP for old smartphones. You can also convert movies right for your device by clicking the button with manufacture’s name (Apple, Sony, Nokia, etc) and selecting your phone or tablet from the list.

Embed subtitles to video

Set a folder for your media. By default, it will be saved to “My videos” folder. In case you don’t have enough of disk space, limit the file size of your clip. Just click on the weight button and set the necessary output size. When everything is ready, click the “Convert” button to run the embedding process and attach subtitles to your movies.